Nexgrill Infrared Plates: How to Use

Primarily, outdoor grilling has been a tradition for many homes. Whether it’s for a small family gathering, house party, or a big celebration, the fun won’t be complete without deliciously grilled food. Thanks to some advanced cooking equipment, you don’t need to put a lot of effort into preparing your favorite barbecue recipe.

When it comes to modern home grilling. one of the popular trends today is using infrared plates. However, you need to learn the best tips on Nexgrill infrared plates on how to use it to create the exact flavor you really want. Read on to know how you can make the most out of your newly purchased infrared gas griller.

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How Do You Use Nexgrill Infrared Plates

When grilling, it’s essential to control the heat to achieve the right level of doneness for your meat and vegetables. To do this, you need something that is equipped with quality heating features like the Nexgrill infrared plus heat plate.

This model is made with stainless steel grilling grates together with the removable infrared plates. You can insert the plates into the cooking grates to use the gas grill. The infrared plates are stainless steel sheets with perforations that convert gas fire into invisible heat.

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How Do You Use an Infrared Gas Grill

The infrared gas grill comes with foldable side shelves and mostly have a small footprint. Aside from durability, it’s also ideal to use in limited spaces, including your dirty kitchen or garage. The materials used in constructing this gas grill are corrosion-resistant to avoid wear and tear over time.

For the basic Nexgrill cooking instructions, you can opt for traditional cooking using the grates on direct heat. The other way to use it is to slide the plates for slow cooking using indirect heat. On the infrared plates, you can cook meat, veggies, and other recipes to achieve an evenly cooked dish that’s also juicy and flavorful.

The cooking grates provide high heat retention while producing impressive sear marks. With electronic ignition, you don’t need to exert a lot of effort to start the grill. The push-to-start button is available for every burner so that you can control the heat for every meal.

Nexgrill Evolution Infrared 2 Burner Reviews

For so many years, Nexgrill has established a reliable reputation in the grill supplier industry. They are popular in North America and across the continent. There are plenty of kitchen products offered by this company, and one of them is the Nexgrill Evolution Infrared 2-Burner gas grill.

The gas grill is made with 2 burners, infrared cooking technology, and maximum heat output (29,000 BTUs). It looks small because it’s designed for limited outdoor spaces, small families, and couples only. So if you have the typical 311 sq in of grilling space at home, then the surface area would be 17 by 18 in – just enough for most households.

When it comes to specs, the Nexgrill Evolution Infrared Plus is made with painted steel to resist corrosion. The grates are made of cast-iron and porcelain-coated to ensure a longer-lasting lifespan. With electronic ignition and 29,000 BTU maximum output, it’s so easy to use outdoors. You can conveniently cook using the grill cover and fold-down side tables.

For a better review, the following are the pros and cons to watch out for:

· The gas grill is designed for occasional use with a few features to take advantage of.
· An excellent quality you can find in this product is the stainless steel accented details.
· The only downside when investing in this cooking equipment is that it is not highly durable for heavy use.
· The base parts are thin and low-grade, particularly the burners, so this is not for regular grilling.

On the other hand, when you keep this gas grill clean and adequately maintained, it can last longer than other similarly priced or cheaper grillers in the market. The key is in careful use, especially when preparing meat that is usually longer to cook.

In terms of the Nexgrill Evolution 2 Burner assembly, you can refer to the Nexgrill Evolution infrared plus manual to operate it. If it’s your first time, you don’t have to be a professional to understand how it works. The design is simply made for basic grilling.

If you have an issue with limited space, this is the best option for you. With a small frame and convenient side tables, you can fold down. Only a minimum area is needed to be able to use it at home. Also, heat output is enough to cook your meat and vegetables evenly.

There’s no need to spend more dollars to cook barbecue and other grilled recipes. The Nexgrill Evolution Infrared Plus allows you to prepare meals using radiant heat. That means the raw food is properly cooked through the super-heated surface, unlike convection cooking and oven.

Most importantly, this kitchen appliance helps achieve your ideal doneness for grilled meat, especially with your beef steak. This affordable infrared solution delivers high temperature required in most grilling needs — a perfect cooking partner during outings and picnics with the whole family.


The convenience and affordability of the Nexgrill infrared gas grill make it the ideal choice for many homes. Again, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a new griller for your recipes. With practical features and a portable footprint, this is one of the best deals you can find in the market today.

The overall quality of this price range is a good investment for those with a tight budget. This model makes grilling much easier compared to advanced gas grills that are usually expensive. With Nexgrill Evolution Infrared Plus, you get all the essential features needed to provide delicious food for your loved ones at the best price.

So, what are you waiting for? Get it now to experience durability and practicality without breaking the bank.

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