Best Portable Charcoal Grills

Toasted pieces of meat, juicy steaks, baked vegetables and fried fish with a light “haze” aroma can delight even the most sophisticated gourmet. Without these dishes, it is difficult to imagine a trip to the country, a picnic in nature or a holiday in a country house. But to delight guests with perfectly prepared food, you need a reliable partner – a portable charcoal bbg grill.

Why buy a charcoal grill?

The portable charcoal grills, as the name implies, heat up and function like a regular brazier – thanks to the hot coals that give off the heat. The temperature the coals can reach will create a crust on the steak that is difficult to achieve with other types of grills. 

Most grills are equipped with wheels for easy transport from home to backyard, and the smallest models can be easily carried alone. In addition, charcoal grills are the most autonomous and compact – they do not need to be connected to a power supply or gas cylinders.

So, a charcoal grill allows you to:

  • cook in any weather;
  • use some of them as a stove;
  • smoke products;
  • keep the temperature high for many hours and save coal;
  • evenly and quickly fry any dish, reducing the usual cooking time by two to three times.

On the other hand, portable charcoal grills require ignition and heating for 20–25 minutes. But this does not frighten off lovers of traditional charcoal grilling at all, because its main advantage is the unique smell of smoke in food cooked on a “live” fire.

Cleaning a charcoal grill is a little more difficult than other types, but you will not feel this disadvantage if you opt for a quality device, such as a ceramic one, in which food residues do not burn.

How to choose the best portable charcoal grill for your home?

Of course, there is no universal grill suitable for absolutely everyone. After all, manufacturing companies are working on creating models to meet the different needs of the client. In order not to make a mistake with the choice and buy the grill that suits you, we recommend that you take it seriously. What you should pay attention to and what parameters you need to decide on to buy your  best portable charcoal grill read just right now. 

Size. Gathering a large group of friends in the country or at home? If there are more than 10 people, then it is better to choose a large portable charcoal grill with a diameter of at least 60 cm. Large charcoal grills make it easy to cook impressive amounts of food, which will be enough to treat 15-30 people. If you are going to pamper with culinary delights, a family of 4, then you can take a grill with a diameter of 50 cm. Small portable charcoal grill of 30-35 cm in diameter is suitable for a couple. The smallest models of grills are designed to prepare one or two servings of delicious food and can be located on a small area near a townhouse, on a veranda or even on a balcony. Portable charcoal grills are also often bought for outings and travel, as they are compact, easy to fit in the trunk and carry in a bag.

Shape. In this case, the shape of the device can be very different:

  • ovoid, like the American Big Green Egg
  • spherical, like a classic charcoal barbecue grill from the American manufacturer Weber
  • ordinary rectangular

The first two options are more popular, because they are much more economical and more compact. These portable charcoal bbq grills can be used as a smokehouse and oven: they keep heat much longer. You can cook in them over direct and indirect heat and not only excellent steaks, but also poultry, vegetable stews, pizza and all kinds of pastries. In the case of ordinary rectanular, you can cook multiple meals. 

Thermal conditions and temperature control. A very important detail in choosing a good grill is its lid. Thanks to it, we can control the temperature inside the grill and minimize heat loss. Correct air exchange is equally important for temperature regulation. It is imperative to have a blower at the bottom of the grill to control the temperature in the grill from 130 ° C to 350 ° C. Some models have built-in thermometers – this greatly simplifies the cooking process, especially for beginners. If your grill does not have a thermometer, it is advisable to purchase one separately. Since it is still necessary to control the heat under the lid.

Materials. What material is better to buy charcoal grills – ceramic, steel or cast iron? Discussions on this topic are conducted not only by ordinary users, but also by professional chefs. Ceramic models are very heavy, but due to the thick walls of the grill, they consume little coal and keep heat better. They can even be used instead of a stove or tandoor, but for such charcoal grills the price is noticeably higher than for cast iron and steel.

Fuel consumption and type. The amount of fuel needed is determined primarily by the type of grill, its shape and size. For example, experienced grillers say that round-shaped ceramic structures are more economical than rectangular metal ones, and one “plug” of coal in them is enough for four to eight hours. The choice of the brand of coal itself plays an important role: Experts recommend Kamado and Rainbow charcoal, which give a long uniform burning, which allows you to quickly cook food. 

Easy maintenance. As with any other cooking tool, the grill must be clean, because food will burn on a dirty wire rack and ash deposits will not add flavor to the dish. So, some grills have side doors for loading charcoal during cooking – you don’t have to remove the hot grate. The removable ash pan, in turn, greatly simplifies the maintenance of the grill. All ash is collected in one container thanks to the built-in mechanism and is quickly removed from it.

Convenience of movement. Do you live in an apartment but want to enjoy perfectly grilled meat and side dishes during picnics? Then you should choose those grills that will be easy to move. It is also worth paying attention to the structural strength and whether the grill can be disassembled and reassembled.

Manufacturer. Should you rely on brand awareness when choosing? In this case, the answer is yes. After all, the reputation of companies producing such equipment is gained not by advertising, but by many years of work with customers and their experience in using grills, user assessment of the quality, strength and durability of products. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to grill installations from leading manufacturers.

Now, when you know the characteristics of portable charcoal barbecue grills , advantages and disadvantages, we invite you to сonsult our next article about each model and choose your best portable charcoal grill.

Portable charcoal grills reviews

Now we present you our portable grills review. We have collected the best options for you and will present a detailed review for each device to make it even easier to make the right choice.

Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

These small charcoal grills for camping are created for true lovers of outdoor recreation and food on fire. You can easily place it in the trunk of your car and take it with you to a picnic with your friends. The grill is quite compact, and also has a secure lid fixation, which makes it easy to move. The cooking temperature is very easy to adjust with the air dampers. They are located on the side surfaces of the case and on the lid.


  • easy to clean
  • very easy to handle 
  • holds the temperature
  • great alternative to “mangal”


  • safety concerns
  • interior height is too shallow
  • small distance between the food and the charcoal

Cuisinart CCG-190RB

This compact charcoal grill has the quality materials and engineering that you expect from a well-known brand like Cuisinart. The firebox, lid, and the large ash catcher tray are all coated in a special porcelain enamel coating. This serves to give it superior rust and corrosion resistance. 


  • Protective enamel layer
  • Stable base
  • Interconnected legs
  • Durable ash catcher


  • Ash catcher is hard to clean
  • Grates are sticky
  • Latches can feel tight at times

Char-Griller E82424 Side Fire Box Charcoal

Did you know you can add the Side Fire Box to almost any of the Char-Griller Barrel Grills. Adding a Side Fire Box gives you the ultimate Texas-Style smoking ability. You can also make the Side Fire Box the ultimate, portable grill by detaching it and using the included legs. With a 12 burger capacity and plenty of room for smoking wood, the Side Fire Box is a must have for any grilling enthusiast.


  • easy dump ash pan
  • great fit for the 5050 model
  • hold the temperature


  • bad paint job, doesn’t heat resistant

Fire Sense Black Notebook Charcoal Grill

The Notebook Grill is the perfect compact portable charcoal grill. The clever design allows this unit to stand 13 inches high for use and then fold to one inch flat in seconds. Constructed of high-heat-resistant-painted steel, this sturdy grill folds flat to create its own carrying case. 


  • cheap price
  • easy to carry and bring around.
  • can fit like 8-10 burgers.
  • don’t need much charcoal.


  • poorly made and unstable
  • horrible toxic smell

Fire Sense Large Rectangle Yakatori Charcoal Grill

 The Yakatori Charcoal Grill is a genuine Japanese table BBQ. Handmade using clay, the Yakatori Grill radiates heat, producing a juicier and more tender meal. This BBQ grill comes with a charcoal grate and cooking grill included. 


  • handmade unfired-clay construction (keep dry at all times)
  • adjustable ventilation
  • chrome cooking grill
  • internal charcoal grates


  • not waterproof
  • peeling of paint 
  • poorly made

Portable Charcoal Grill Great for Camping BBQ Kabob Hibachi

Our BBQ grill set is made with top quality stainless steel and well polish finished, won’t rust and won’t crack like wood handles do, easy to clean and long lasting, which will keep your BBQ grill accessories looking great season after season.


  • easy to assemble and clean
  • good price 
  • very easy for setup and transport


  • cheaply made
  • charcoal burns food

JiaDa Charcoal Grill,Portable Barbecue Smoker Grill BBQ for Outdoor Cooking

Wonderful BBQ tool to take to the beach, picnics, parties, camping or anywhere you want. Cooking the meat slowly with charcoal, retaining the tenderness of meat and remaining moist in this grill, meets your desire for smoky, grilled flavor.


  • large cooking space
  • very portable
  • lightweight


  • doesn’t keep the heat well

Charcoal Grill Barbecue Portable BBQ – Stainless Steel Folding Grill Tabletop Outdoor Smoker BBQ for Picnic Garden Terrace Camping Travel (Small)

When camping or traveling outdoors, you can take it with you for barbecue at any time. If you long for the smoky, grilled flavor or you enjoy smoking meats, the only way to achieve both is with this simple portable charcoal smoker.


  • easy to setup and easy to clean up
  • very handy
  • big enough for our 4 members family


  • not stainless steel metal
  • while cooking metal and paint can be melted 

Dyna-Glo DGSS287CB-D Portable Tabletop Charcoal Grill & Side Firebox

This grill’s portability allows you to grill on the go, whether tailgating, camping or in the backyard. Sear steaks, burgers and veggies at your next picnic or sports event.


  • porcelain enameled steel to help retain heat
  • easy access to fuel and quick disposal of ash
  • easily transport


  • heavy

The charcoal grill can become your calling card, as a hospitable host and an unrivaled chef. Follow our advice and the choice will not disappoint you – enjoy juicy dishes and bright aromas with your loved ones. 

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