Best Infrared Grills On The Market

For many people, the very idea of infrared radiation is something of a mystery and they do not understand why they even need it in the grill? The infrared burner is intended primarily for steaks, which become juicier with its help. Advertisements often say that when you buy a grill, you will get steaks just like in real steak houses. And it really is. 

What do I need to take into account when choosing the best infrared BBQ grill?

Someone is cautious at first, takes a cheap, more or less functional infrared outdoor grill, but eventually comes back and gets a good device from a leading manufacturer. The strategy turns out to be quite costly.  We invite you to read our recommendations on what is the best infrared grill and see our portable infrared grill reviews which will take you the first step into the wonderful world of BBQ grills.

The best value for an infrared grill. 

Behind the gas grill, which is made by one of the leading manufacturers, there are very serious technologies. For the high price of the product, you get: patented developments, wear-resistant design, convenient main and additional grilles, powerful infrared burners, and, of course, appearance. Agree, a sophisticated technique cannot be cheap. 

Of course, among the cheap infrared grills under 500 or even under 300, you can find decent samples that will work well for you for more than one year. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to immediately identify such a purchase. 

But the infrared outdoor grill is not a thing of a basic necessity. This is an accessory that unites family and friends, changes the concept of outdoor recreation, adds comfort and variety to it. The choice of your best infrared gas grill is akin to buying a car: this is a rational investment in a quality item, in your own comfort. 

Other important aspects which you need to pay attention to when choosing your best infrared barbecue grills

The value of an infrared BBQ grill is not based only on its value. Value is a combination of characteristics, design, functionality, technological solutions, quality of materials and price. 

Strength, reliability of the design. This is the thing that separates technological grills from those that will have to be changed after a year or two, or maybe even earlier. Therefore, when choosing, do not rush, carefully consider the main elements of the grill. Remove the grates, open / close the lid, check the burners, roll the grill back and forth. This test will tell you how thoroughly your grill is made. 

Productivity. This factor is influenced by the ability of the grill to steadily hold one or another temperature for a long time, since this is very important for long recipes, when, for example, baking a large piece of meat. 

Style. Your terrace is a place of attraction for family and friends, which will bring everyone together for communication. And your best infrared bbq grill should harmoniously fit into the space and decorate it. So when choosing, you need to think about how modern its design will be not only today, but also in a few years. Trust your taste and opt for a more classic model with a conservative black or gray matt finish, correct body lines and burner controls. Such a stylish device will not lose its relevance for several years. 

Warranty and service. Be sure to clarify the terms of the warranty and post-warranty service before making a final purchase decision. If something breaks down, it is better to do it under warranty than for money. Some manufacturers give their grills a lifetime warranty, but certain parts have a limited warranty. These are usually elements that are subject to more rapid wear. In any case, the grill must be handled with care, do not overheat it, clean it periodically and it will work for a long time. 

Working surface area. The larger the portable infrared grill area, the more functional and versatile the grill is. It will be more convenient to cook on it and you can cook more food in one load. Especially if you are expecting guests. The most optimal size of the lattice is 60-70 cm in length and 50-60 cm in depth. This area is optimally designed for 4-6 people. 

Burners. Burner design is the key to the quality and performance of a gas grill. Since a uniform flame has a direct effect on proper cooking. Smooth flame control allows you to fine-tune the cooking temperature. 

Alternative ignition. A good grill should have a backup option to ignite the burners if, for example, the battery in the electronic ignition device runs out or the lights are suddenly turned off. A special elongated match clip should hang on the chain. Its length allows the match to reach the burner without removing the grate. Usually, this item can always be found in the arsenal of almost all grills from leading manufacturers, not only the most expensive ones. 

The process of choosing the best infrared bbq grill for your application can seem difficult at first. There are too many options and different parameters to consider. After our recommendations now you will be able to answer these and other questions for yourself and choose the best infrared outdoor grills for you. You will understand that it is not difficult at all. Keep in mind the factors that we described in it, and you will be sure that you are making the right choice. 

Reviews on infrared grills

Now we present you our top rated infrared grills and its reviews. We have collected the best options for you and will present a detailed review for each device to make it even easier to make the right choice. 

Сhar broil infrared grill reviews

Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 325 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill. 

The compact stationary Char-Broil Professional 2 Burner grill is equipped with all the functions of large models and a work surface sufficient for a family or a small company. The grill is equipped with 2 burners with a separate thermometer and electronic ignition SureFire® for a trouble-free start in any weather. 


  • The TRU-Infrared™ system cooks food evenly and prevents fires.
  • The enameled plate dissipates the fire from the burner.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Electronic ignition of each burner.
  • Side shelf expands the working space and adds convenience when cooking.
  • Wheels with fixing


  • little slow in heating up 
  • makes a lot of smoke

Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go – Portable Barbecue Grill with TRU-Infrared™ technology

The Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 portable tru infrared Gas Grill is ideal for travel or city “picnic” on the balcony / terrace. Outwardly, it looks like a suitcase and is easily carried with a convenient handle. Now you can enjoy TRU-Infrared cooking wherever you are! The external design leaves only positive emotions, and the high-quality material will keep the char broil grill2go x200 attractive for a long time. 


  • high quality stainless steel
  • easy to maintain
  • thermometer on lid for precise temperature control
  • simple ignition system
  • wear-resistant outer coating


  • pure gas regulator
  • one heat setting
  • blowing out the flame

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill

Ultra-compact electric grill which can even be used on the balcony. It takes up very little space, easy to use, transport and store. The Char Broil Patio Bistro grill is equipped with 1 SureFire® electric ignition burner. Also, the grill is equipped with a steel grate and a temperature sensor built into the lid. Even without grilling skills, you can easily create amazingly delicious dishes on a gas grill broil tru infrared patio.


  • electric gas ignition system
  • warming shelf
  • temperature sensor
  • heats quickly and accurately
  • relatively cheap


  • long time heating up
  • doesn’t hold heat
  • slow cook

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster and Grill

Bake or smoke chicken, cook steaks and vegetables – all at the same time thanks to Big Easy. This unique grill smokehouse allows you to cook several dishes in different ways at the same time! Convenient smoking chamber and removable grill are equipped with TRU infrared technology for unrivaled results.


  • compact body.
  • attractive design.
  • versatility 3 in 1.
  • saving space in the barbecue area.
  • ease of Management.
  • you can cook several different dishes at the same time


  • the smoker is not effective 
  • no direct flame in grill mode
  • impossible to control the temperature
  • does not distribute heat well

Solaire sol ev17a everywhere

ev17a everywhere portable infrared grill has portable design that is very concise and comfortable. It is perfect for balconies & backyards – most everywhere you want great tasting, juicy grilled food. It has a quick starting push button electric ignition for easy start up, quick heat up and cooks food to perfection in half the time than other grills do. 


  • Fast warm up
  • efficient on fuel
  • amazing steaks
  • clean operation and transport


  • Mixed windy performance
  • no slow-cooking function
  • poor medium-rate cooking

Magma Products Newport 2 Infra Red, Gourmet Series Gas Grill

This redesigned and finely crafted Gourmet Series Gas Grill is perfect for grilling any type of food:  burgers, steaks, chicken breasts, or fish. It included the electronic push-button electronic ignition makes this grill easy to light. Other features include fold-away legs for go-anywhere use and a hermetically sealed thermometer to help you fine tune the heat level.


  • “Anti-Flare” infrared technology
  • mirror-polished stainless steel. 
  • Tempered glass viewing window
  • Dynamic system keeps grill lit in heavy winds


  • Don’t heat properly

Simple Living Products Infrared Indoor Smokeless Grill

The Simple Living Products Smokeless Grill provides a virtually smokeless indoor grilling experience. Advanced Infrared Technology together with intelligently designed reflectors guide the heat towards the grid achieving delicious, evenly cooked food while leaving the grease tray cool enough to minimize the unpleasant smoke & grease spattering.


  • safe grilling indoors
  • quickly heats up
  • smokeless
  • fast heating up


  • pure hitting up
  • too long to cook

Northfire Inferno Single Propane Infrared Grill

An outdoor grill that quickly cooks steak, fish, chicken and more in minutes because of the top mounted infrared burner and it’s super easy to clean. Tabletop broiler features stainless steel construction for durability and a clean look. The inferno’s top mounted infrared burner can preheat to fifteen hundred degrees a matter of minutes, making it convenient for cooking meals any time of the week. 


  • 4 different levels for cooking grids
  • has grate gripper tool to easy slide out
  • stainless steel grids for maximum durability
  • has a push and turn electric ignition 


  • long time to light

Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO 500 RSIB Propane Gas Grill

Gas grill Prestige PRO P-500 is a professional device for preparing all kinds of barbecue products. The grill will cope not only with traditional meat steaks, large pieces of meat, fish, vegetables, poultry, but will also make it easy to grill meat, smoke, bake delicious pastries and even turn into a charcoal grill. Delight your friends and loved ones with delicious barbecue dishes at any time of the day, do not limit yourself.


  • 4 main burners in stainless steel
  • additional grid for warming dishes
  • quick ignition system for grills JETFIRE
  • infrared burner for use with a rotisserie


  • poor package 
  • no stainless steel except the doors
  • high price

Philips Kitchen Appliances HD6371/94 Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill

Philips Indoor smoke-less grill is a unique appliance that allows you to enjoy tasty, evenly browned grilled food all year round. The advanced Infrared Heat technology ensures for up to 80% less smoke and minimal splattering.


  • infrared heat technology
  • non-slip feet
  • the fat is separated during grilling
  • can be washed in a dishwasher 


  • not very easy to clean
  • not smokeless in fact
  • plastic parts

We would like to emphasize that when choosing a grill, psychological moments, a person’s perception of a grill play a very serious role. You need to listen to yourself. Emotions often prevail over the functionality of the grill. We believe that this is very correct, since a person should buy what he likes, and not what they are trying to impose on him for some reason. Only in this case the purchase will bring true joy. And we must organize our life in such a way to be  surrounded by things that generate this very positive moments.

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